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We’ve spent hours scrolling through thousands of podcasts, ebooks, and songs in search of something to listen to. We built SiteSpeaker with the goal of recommending relevant, interesting and engaging audio content to readers to fill this void. SiteSpeaker’s goal is to provide contextual non-intrusive audio experiences to readers while providing a platform for content producers to reach engaged audiences at moments they are in the content consumption mindset. We believe this is our way to make the world a better place. More precisely, SiteSpeaker’s mission is to build an inclusive internet using the power of audio.

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Monetize and Increase Engagement

Stop paying for podcast hosting and drive meaningful ad revenue by helping users discover audio content they’ll love.


Responsive Audio Player

SiteSpeaker’s proprietary audio player is lightweight with a non-obtrusive, user intuitive design.


Contextual Technology

Our technology only employs contextual targeting using multiple signals including site content, geography, and device type.


Monetize Multiple Products

Add SiteSpeaker’s discovery audio widget and TTS player to enhance user experience and maximize ad revenue.


Analytics Portal

SiteSpeaker’s online portal provides a comprehensive lens into user usage data for your website.


Cloud Architecture

SiteSpeaker is built in the cloud. We work with websites located around the world and have a 99.9% uptime record.


Fast and Easy

SiteSpeaker is simple to add to any site by adding a couple lines of code. Our lightweight widget loads on our server and never slows down page load.

Grow your Audience

Expand your listener base by syndicating your content across the best publishers on the open web.

Audio discovery helps users find new and exciting audio content. Audio consumers’ biggest problem is finding new audio that interests them. As a content partner of SiteSpeaker, you’ll reach millions of users monthly on the most premium websites.

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Amplify your Brand’s Voice and Story

Entice potential customers with contextually relevant and compelling audio ad units on top media websites.

Direct Advertiser

Share your brand's voice and break through the noise. Advertising with SiteSpeaker creates lasting impressions that build brand equity with users.

Branded Podcast

Tell your story and build emotional connections with customers. SiteSpeaker makes it easy for users to access your content across the websites they love.


Connect with SiteSpeaker through simple integrations to access unique, quality audio inventory at scale. Measure outcomes using your preferred technology.


SiteSpeaker's audio platform is powered by efficient, scalable technology that provides websites and their users audio alternatives for any content. Additionally, we monetize with high-value, relevant advertising from premium brands.

  • User First- We build products for the people who use them. Everyone wins when the user is happy.
  • Lead with Integrity- SiteSpeaker's foundation is built on honesty and transparency.
  • Decide with Data- We use data and facts to govern our decision-making process.
  • Win as a Team- We work together to achieve the best customer outcome.
  • Celebrate Wins- SiteSpeaker appreciates success and rewards wins of all sizes.
  • Delight in Diversity- We achieve success through diverse people & perspectives.
  • Success- Success doesn't come to you. You go to it.

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